What Orbital Phase are we in?

A huge scientific mistake asserts:

“We are currently in the middle of all three Milankovitch cycles, and are very slowly entering a cooling phase due to tiniest changes in Earth’s orbit eccentricity, axial tilt and precession.”

It is a mistake.
Not the cooling phase, but the in the culmination of the warming phase.
The cooling phase is yet to come.

It is like the Northern Hemisphere’s summer at the first decade of July.
We also, at first decade of July, we also slowly entering a cooling phase, due to small mitigation changes in the duration of solar hours…
But, nevertheless, in first decade of July, at Northen Hemisphere’s summer, the temperature instead of falling, continues to rise.


The HUGE scientific mistakes

Don’t we witness the seasonal warming and cooling periods?
Aren’t they orbitally forced yearly cyclical phenomena?



Below is the Milankovitch explanation of the mechanism by which a decrease in the amount of energy reaching the Northern Hemisphere cools the planet.


Glacial cycles are driven by the amount of heat reaching high Northern latitudes, which varies with orbital eccentricity and the relative timing of apoastron and the precession of the equinoxes.

During an interglacial enough heat arrives to melt Winter snow above 50°N latitude during each Summer.

The other 90% of the time snow persists until the end of each Summer and the next Winter’s snow falls on top of last year’s.

Over years the snow builds up into extensive ice sheets which can extend as far as New York or London.

Incidentally a change in global average of 4°C is sufficient to make the difference between ice sheets in Greenland and ice sheets in England.


Milankovitch explained the advances of glacial periods by the Northen Hemisphere's cooler summers.

It was a mistake. In reality quite the opposite happens.

When there are cooler summers in Nothern Hemisphere (as it actually happens in our times), then there are the Interglacials advances occur.

How do you classify a re-warming from the Little Ice Age as warming?

Well, it was not a re-warming. It was the continuous development of the same alredy present warming trend.

”Now explain the mechanism by which a decrease in the amount of energy reaching the Northern Hemisphere warms the planet”.


Pretty simple. Due to the tilt of the Earth, as we point out, at certain parts of the orbit, the Northern Hemisphere cools while the Southern warms. Since the Southern has a lot more ocean, that warming is retained more easily.



Milankovitch made a mistake, because in his time he witnessed a gradual cooling.

Ice has specific heat 0,5 cal/(gr*oC)
Water has 1 cal/(gr*oC)

Thus, at the period of sea ice intense melting, the average air temperature dropped, the land glaciers started grow – and planet experienced it as the LIA (Little Ice Age).

That period is over now.

S-B didn’t check their equation on the low and on terrestrial temperatures. But there is a huge mistake.

No other scientist did a check on S-B equation for the low and for the terrestrial temperatures. Which is also a mistake.

Because the Stefan-Boltzmann emission law equation doesn't "work" at the terrestrial, and at lower than terrestrial temperatures.

Scientists, who say atmospheric (~400 ppm) CO2 warms earth’s surface do a huge mistake too.

Another mistake is that the earth’s surface specular reflection is neglected.

The ignorance of the Planet Surface Rotational Warming Phenomenon. It is a mistake.

Also, the incident on planet EM radiation, what is not reflected from a surface, doesn’t get absorbed in the surface (and warm it). It is a mistake.

The EM radiation gets transformed into IR outgoing EM energy.
Only a small portion of it gets absorbed in inner layers.


There are only traces of greenhouse gasses. The Earth’s atmosphere is very thin.

There is not any significant Greenhouse Gasses Warming effect on the Earth’s surface.

There isNO +33°C greenhouse enhancement on the Earth's mean surface temperature. It is a mistake.