MATTER doesn’t like energy – thus the Equilibrium Temperature occurs

Earth’s atmosphere is very thin, and H₂O and CO₂ are trace gases.

The obvious – greenhouse gases CO₂ and H₂O are very rare in Earth’s the actually very thin atmosphere of 1 bar at sea level.

The air density is some 1,23 kg/m³, and it is a very thin atmosphere…

In Earth’s very thin atmosphere there are on average 1% H₂O and 0,04% CO₂. Those two are trace gases in Earth’s very thin atmosphere.

H₂O and CO₂ very tiny contents in earth’s atmosphere are not capable to absorb the alleged huge “absorbed by atmosphere 70%-85% outgoing IR radiation” portion.

One may object, Earth’s atmosphere is not thin, Earth’s atmosphere is all right, since we live in it.

Yes, we live in Earth’s atmosphere because it is very thin. Yes atmosphere is dense enough for us to breathe, and for birds to fly – but that’s it.

Earth’s atmosphere is marginally dense. Only few kilometers in altitude there is not enough atmosphere to breathe, and there is not enough air for birds to fly. So, this atmosphere – the our Earth’s atmosphere is not capable to absorb 70%-85% of outgoing IR radiation portion.

The common sense claims the obvious: there is not any significant Greenhouse warming effect on Earth’s surface!


MATTER doesn’t like energy – thus the Equilibrium Temperature occurs

It appears as a common knowledge, that when solar irradiated, the surface first gets warmed, and only then the surface IR emits.

It is an assumption, it is a mistaken assumption, and it is a wrongly stated assumption.

They assume, when surface been irradiated it absorbs solar radiative energy, transforming it to heat, and then planet surface IR emits like the classical S-B blackbody surface (the hot iron rod).

It is not what actually happens. When solar irradiated, the surface at that very instant reflects (specularly and diffusely) and emits IR.

Surface gets rid from the incident radiative energy AS FAST AS IT CAN!

Please compare with the classical blackbody Type one S-B emission concept.

The blackbody surface emits spontaneously Jemit = σΤe⁴ at fourth power of its temperature. The blackbody has an infinite source of energy (sun, stars) to keep it going at the same exactly equilibrium temperature Te. The surface emits Jemit = σΤe⁴ W/m² and, by doing so, surface always remains at that equilibrium Te temperature, because the inner source of energy release is in a constant and already established balance with the by the surface emissive possibilities…

which the S-B emission law describes.

inner energy out to the surface = outgoing radiative energy Jemit = σΤe⁴

So, when surface is solar irradiated, surface behaves exactly the same, the total amount of the incident radiative energy should be spontaneously got rid of at that very instant the solar beams “touch” every infinitesimal spot on the planet’s ground.

NATURE doesn’t keep energy for the future utilization “needs”. NATURE doesn’t accumulate in purpose – NATURE gets rid of energy, because energy destabilize the MATTER.

MATTER doesn’t like energy, so MATTER gets rid of ENERGY on the very instant and at the highest possible rates…

Jemit = σΤe⁴